Very active on the reggae-dancehall scene, from 1999 to 2007, Redhemption Sound System has performed at many major international festivals in Europe and through the world in countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Togo , Senegal, Jamaica, aso.

Deeply involved in the urban music industry, Redhemption Sound has also spent many years training and recording artists, and produced tens of mixtapes and albums sold to tens of thousands copies.

In 2008, in order to optimize the development of its musical activities, Redhemption Sound decided to proceed to a split between its various duties by creating a group composed of two separate entities:
- Full Force Click, taking over the production and distribution of mixtapes and providing stunning Sound System performances
- Redhemption, gathering all of its live singers, managing the production and the promotion of the artists albums aswell as their representation on stage

Since then, Full Force Click has known a dazzling success, getting access to many prestigious scenes and performing in the major swiss and european concert halls and clubs, places such as the Geneva "Arena", "the Docks" in Lausanne, "l'Usine del Castillo" in Vevey, the "Reigen" in Viena, the "Matin Bleu" in France, and many others.

Benefitting of an ever growing notoriety, Full Force Click has multiplied gigs openings for artists like Jah Cure, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Dub Incorporation and Rebellion the Recaller, just to name a few. Always at the forefront of the Jamaican reggae-dancehall scene, the quality and originality of the selections combined with the dynamism and the precision of the mixes has strongly contributed to make of every new release of a Full Force Click's mixtape an event awaited with enthusiasm by an ever more numerous public around the world. Concerning the live Sound System performance, Full Force Click is composed by two main members and possible guests.

Always open to the public and concerned by its mood, selector Babacar Fall never misses its target and can reach the crowd's heart to share with them a positive and energetic vibration.

Alternating true classics with latest and freshest jamaican tunes, he perfectly knows how to make the pressure raise to its top level. Through an innate talent for creating links and building complicity with its audience, MC Mo (Fadamo), has mastered the art of entertaining and warming people up.

Bouncing, jumping or wining, Mc Mo's energy spreads just like fire from the stage straight to the crowd, leading everyone right into the dance.
Full Force Click offers an amazing experience that has to be seen and felt.